Akser Plisse curtains are an excellent window covering option for interior spaces with a minimalist and elegant design. These curtains are an ideal choice, particularly for those who appreciate the modern decor style. Plisse curtains feature a unique structure created by the folding of thin fabric.

Perhaps the most appealing feature of Akser Plisse curtains is their versatility. These curtains can provide privacy by completely covering the window or allow semi-transparent light to enter. Their foldable structure allows you to adjust the window opening as desired.

Ceiling curtains are decorative and functional window coverings used in interior spaces. These curtains are mounted near the ceiling, close to the top part of the window, and are used to cover the window, control light, provide privacy, and add a decorative element.

One of the greatest advantages of ceiling curtains is their ability to make the window appear larger and more spacious since they are mounted near the upper part of the window. Moreover, even when the window is open, these curtains can be fully drawn without creating a visual obstruction from the outside.


Duet curtains are decorative window coverings that provide an elegant contribution to modern interior design, combining functionality and aesthetics. These curtains feature a two-layered structure and are typically designed in a cellular or honeycomb pattern.

The most distinctive feature of duet curtains is their excellent control over light. With their dual-layered design, these curtains can filter incoming sunlight while ensuring privacy. You can adjust the upper and lower layers separately to tailor the light and visibility according to your needs.

Additionally, duet curtains offer benefits in terms of energy efficiency. Their cellular structure helps maintain interior temperatures by enhancing insulation. This allows for easier cooling in the summer and heating in the winter, ultimately reducing your energy costs.

In this self-closing system, our mosquito net has a more aesthetic appearance.
Thanks to the brake system, the usage time of the system is extended.

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